GAME CHANGING IDEAS: Listen on the Go [Series on iTunes]

Learn how you can become the savvy leader who takes your company across the finish line as you look ahead to the next wave of business innovation.

Join HR Transformation Strategist and ASUG Community Advocate, Sherryanne Meyer with Bonnie D Graham on Coffee Break with Game Changers.

B2T: ASUG Community Connecting Business to Technology Leaders

Get connected to other HR and HR IT professionals year-round.

  • ASUG Communities that meet virtually and face-to-face on everything it takes to run your enterprise – from the process to the technology and everything in between, including 37 industry-focused groups.
  • Member-only access to certified ASUG education including SHRM and AWAM accredited content.
  • Executive Exchange – the think tank that helps C-level executives drive new business value for their companies and provides them with the strategic foresight they need to lead their organizations through digital transformation and prepare their teams for what’s next.
  • Insights into SAP® and SAP® SuccessFactors®’ suites.
  • Influence channels for the future direction of SAP products and services through ASUG Special Interest Groups organized around SAP products.