All are similar in their objectives.

At Recharge HR, you will be an active participant in complimentary think-tank-like discussions. We will be looking at some of the top issues for HR leaders today, and our distinguished guest speakers will drive discussions on:

  • Leading the shift to a modern organizational model in an integrated enterprise
  • Reinventing the workplace to maximize digital technology
  • Engaging a skilled workforce
  • Creating a continual learning culture
  • Upgrading your capabilities to innovate, design, and analyze

June 23: Civic Opera Building in Chicago

KEYNOTE: Recharge HR: The Imperative to Integrate the Enterprise

LEAD Track: The Evolution of the Integrated Workforce – Piecing It All Together: Best Practices for Preparing to Move to the Cloud at Your Pace

This session is aimed at helping you better prepare to move to the cloud — from developing a convincing business case, to choosing strategic partners and appropriate tools, to learning tips and tricks to ensure smooth implementation and go-live.

  • Explore how to review your on-premise SAP ERP HCM system to figure out which partner or implementation option — including talent hybrid, side-by-side, and full cloud — would best align with your organization’s needs and structure.
  • Learn how to differentiate between SAP cloud strategies such as rapid-deployment solutions versus full implementation; how to establish KPIs, project goals, design, and project scope; and how to develop appropriate testing and timeline to ensure successful implementation.
  • Understand how critical the partnership between HR and IT can be in your cloud journey, and how you can improve team performance and engagement with strategic communication.
  • Take home a full dataflow map showing the integration points between SAP® SuccessFactors® modules in a full cloud implementation.

Speaker: Rinky Karthik, Sr. Solution Architect, itelligence

FOLLOW Track: Modern Best Practices and Employee Experiences in Human Capital Management – SAP® Runs SAP®

Integration and management of a changing landscape are critical components as we move to cloud solutions. How is SAP moving its own HR to the cloud? What challenges have they encountered and what advice do they have to offer?

Speaker: Shaun Brown, Director of HR Operations, Cloud Services, SAP

RENEW Track: A Fresh Look at Traditional Systems and HR Practices: A New Paradigm for SAP SuccessFactors Payroll

Most of us look at our bank statement ― or get a notification of deposits ― and if the pay is about what we expect, we move along. Maybe from time to time we look at our pay statement to see some details on deductions or taxes. Pretty simple. But then, payroll isn’t so simple. From collecting all the data needed to pay someone, doing the calculations, distributing the results, and reporting to banks and accounting and regulatory agencies, there are plenty of things that can go wrong for one employee. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of employees and the risk is huge. So the question is: Can we actually make payroll any more simple? Lots of ideas are being white-boarded within SAP, including one that involves a self-service payroll model. In this session, payroll expert Steve Bogner will talk about the basic requirements to run a successful payroll and we will kick around ideas to make it “easy.”

Speaker: Steve Bogner, Managing Partner, Insight Consulting Partners

INNOVATE Track: Driving Corporate Results through People Engagement: Predictions on Hot Trends, Rising Stars, and Technologies Past Their Prime

As learning professionals, we are typically very good at looking back and reflecting on what has and hasn’t worked, drawing on past successes and – hopefully – avoiding repeating mistakes. Leverage insight from this year’s results of the annual Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey to help you plan your L&D strategies for 2017 and beyond.

Participants will receive a copy of the Learning & Development Global Sentiment Survey 2017, sponsored by OpenSesame.

Speaker: Rob Moore, OpenSesame

Lunch: Getting Social

Tying It All Together with SAP® Jam™ Collaboration

Speaker: Ginger Gatling, Senior Director, SAP Jam

Panel Q & A – Ask your questions, get your answers. Share your story, talk through it with with our speakers and one another.

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